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With a proactive managed services solution, you can prevent the majority of network failures before they happen.  CMG Managed Computing Services offers a unique combination of regular preventative maintenance and real-time monitoring of your network and desktop services, allowing us to ensure the reliability of your IT system.  This regular maintenance leads to fewer network failures, higher productivity, reduced security risks, and reduced support service expenses.  Our system is so effective that many of our clients have noticed immediate results.

Key Features

Network Monitoring

Provides constant tracking of your network performance including bandwidth, errors, and other key indicators that you might not be operating a stable environment.

Monitoring Backup Solutions

Protects you from damage or loss of data and ensures that your important corporate data is backed up as scheduled and without error.

Antivirus Monitoring/Server and Workstation Updates

Ensures your antivirus software is functioning properly and that the latest industry updates are being received and installed.

Patch Management

Optimizes performance and minimizes risks by ensuring that the most up-to-date Windows and PC security and system patches are in place.

Health and Performance Monitoring

Verifies that your computers and networks are stable and secure by monitoring their health, error conditions and overall performance.

Asset Lifecycle Management

Provides upgrades, replacement and disposal of hardware and software by tracking your IT assets throughout their lifespan.

Standard Features

Network Control

Monitoring and ongoing maintenance of your LAN, WAN, domain and VPN.

PC Care & Maintenance

Continual preventative maintenance of your PCs to ensure reliability and security.

Wireless Networking

Total management of your wireless infrastructure.

Backup Essentials

Monitoring efficiency and success of your onsite backup system.

Server Monitoring

Maintaining and monitoring your servers vital systems.

Essential Monitoring

Monitoring of the essential elements of your IT infrastructure.

IT Consulting

Includes health reports, IT strategy meetings, and procurement assistance.

Onsite Response

Technicians are dispatched in the event that IT support is required on-site.

Remote Response

Technicians remotely address and resolve issues or potential issues.

IT Lifecycle Management

Upgrading, replacement and disposal of old hardware and software.

Data Disposal Services

Secure, reliable data extraction and disposal.

Email Hosting

Email and server hosting is available, and provides the most reliable service possible.

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