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to CMG Managed Computing Services.

Like many similar companies, we are a value added reseller and can provide and install networks, servers, PCs, laptops, printers and consumable supplies like printer ink and toner to your organization. We can also provide you with hosting services, ensuring that your email, web, exchange and SharePoint needs are provided in a secure and efficient manner. What differentiates us from our competitors is our unique, proactive managed services approach.

Choosing to take a proactive, managed services approach means that we operate differently than other IT Service Providers with a service model that allows us to prevent downtime. Rather than react to issues when they happen, we can ensure that your IT infrastructure is up and running, providing you with the network service and accessibility you need, when you need it.

• Is your business affected by untimely network failures that leave you waiting for a support technician to arrive?
• Are you struggling with increasing network complexity or trying to keep up with IT advancements and security threats?
• Are you stuck in a break-fix nightmare caused by the addressing of downtime symptoms but not the root cause?

CMG Managed Computing Services can help.
The benefits of our services:

Prevention of Network Problems and Failures
By detecting impending issues, we are able to resolve many issues before they happen ensuring the productivity of your network and employees.

Stabilized, Rational IT Spending
Our proactive approach provides you with a pre-planned IT budget that contains no surprises and allows you to almost completely remove the need for emergency service calls.

Fast Remote Support and Troubleshooting
Our ability to remotely diagnose network, server, and desktop issues means that your business and employees can resume their business activities in a quick and efficient manner.

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